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Afterschool Programs

Focuses on Full Development of a Child

We have added some exciting and fun activities for our Afterschool Program for the upcoming school year. The After School program here at Little Marvels Montessori is for children upto 12 years old.

As we all know, extracurricular activities provide an opportunity to help active young children learn about participating in group activities, help little ones move their bodies and build coordination skills, build fine motor skills, and inspire creativity. It will be a productive way to wind up from their regular school Keeping all this in mind, we have curated the following classes:

Children studying mathematics

Abacus Mental Math

"There is a genius in all of us"~ Albert Einstein - Children use their index and thumb to move the abacus beads to perform arithmetic calculations and gradually move to abstraction.

children creating arts and crafts

Clay modeling and clay sculpture

Building 3D models provide fun challenges to strengthen both visual and motor skills. In this program, children will have an opportunity to express their creativity by using various grades of clay and techniques.

children creating arts and crafts

Art and Handicrafts (spray painting, sketching, crafts)

Research shows that art exploration paves the way for higher thinking skills such as analyzing and problem-solving.

children learning about steam

In house tutoring

Children will get individualized assistance by providing one on one lessons or small group lessons. This includes preparing additional projects as well as answering questions about the materials being covered in class or on an assignment if needed.

soccer practice on fridays


Children will be engaging in the soccer program with a focus on character development. These classes include warm-ups, stretching, individual skill development, team building, and scrimmage matches and will be facilitated by Soccerstars.

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