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Most important aspect of science is observation and experimentation, which also allows children to think logically and process methodically.  Physical properties, Zoology and Botany are core aspects that we also explore in Science leveraging a systematic approach.   We compare, contrast, distinguish, categorize and relate to new information based on what they already may know.  

Technology & Engineering

What does this mean at such a young age, one must wonder?  Engineering is all about materials, designing, crafting, building.  Children explore and build things, and learn cause & effect.  Simple things as putting a wheel on a large item makes it move faster or building a ramp allows an object to roll faster.   We also offer Robotics/Coding as an extra-curricular activity for the advanced challenges.


Arts is a sensorial exploration - for example feeling the paint and observing color changes on an object when using paints, promote self guided discovery.  When they mold clay into different shapes, or make a necklace from beads, they understand creativity.   It helps children express themselves, and help define fine motor skills.  For the advance artists, we also offer Advanced Arts as an extra-curricular!


From early ages, children start learning about Math everyday - simple concepts as shapes, sizes, numbers are all taught since infant ages.  Math is core part of Montessori Learning, but also is taught at LMM in various practical methods - geometry, spatial objects, dimensions, in relation to, are all core aspects of learning that we explore.  It is a skill children will use life-long and we ensure that their fundamentals are strong.


Engineers, Artists, Inventors, Scientists change the world!

We stimulate and engage children's thinking and curiosity by integrating STEAM in our curriculum.  These actively developmental activities maximize children's learning in Science, Technology & Engineering, Arts and Math.   Our lessons incorporate methods, experiments & logical approach to allow children to create, build, and explore!

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