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Our Team


LMM Staff and Administration

Loving, Caring & Passionate Staff

LMM teachers, and administration staff are not only experienced, certified, but also most loving and passionate individuals, most of who have been with LMM for over 6 years. Seeing children's growth brings them joy and seeing parent's satisfaction provides them achievement.  Hard-working, patient, kind, caring, and loving are only few words that describe LMM's wonderful team!  

Bindu & Prabu Jaganatan

President & Owners

Mrs. Bindu and Mr. Prabu are committed to enhancing the educational experience for you and your children. They always had a dream and a vision towards education. They believe that Education should be available to all children. Their vision is to provide an environment that will nurture and empower children to realize and explore the gifts of intelligence, curiosity, and creativity with which they were born. With the “whole child” approach, their goal is to empower children to achieve their full potential in all areas of life.  They are committed to provide exceptional customer service for the parents, and a supportive, collaborative work environment for staff.

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